Herbs to Increase Libido

Throughout the centuries man has searched for ways of increasing his sexual stamina, especially during the latter years when, along with all of the associated negative aspects of “getting on in age”, have crept up on him and he is no longer the virile machine of his youth.
The Chinese have been particularly persistent in the quest for virility and eternal youth, much to the detriment of many of our splendid wild animals which various body parts were believed to possess the libido raising qualities to provide the desired effect in bed.
Lack of Libido and sexual dysfunction is probably more prevalent today than ever before in the history of man! What is causing this serious problem among not only older men, but surprisingly, even some teenagers of today?
Stress is a major factor – Most people are stressed. Stress can come from your job, financial worries, family matters, emotional issues, death in the family or even from illness. It can also come from environmental as well as chemical pollution and body toxicity.
Diet naturally plays a huge part with our mental and physical performance. As is often said; “Garbage in – Garbage out.” The finely tuned machine that is our body, was never meant to survive, let alone perform well, on junk food or a diet low in minerals and vitamins. today are severely deficient in minerals and trace elements, caused by over-farming, pesticides and widespread use of chemicals by today’s farmers.
Ancient cultures such as the Incas, Indians, chinese knew well of the Cleansing and health giving properties of Herbs and used them as preventative medicine and also for the treatment of serious illnesses. Below is a list of some, but by no means all of a group of herbs well regarded for their aphrodisiac properties:
The wonder root found only in the high mountains of Peru, the benefits of Maca root were known all over South America during the days of the Inca’s Empire as medicinal and as a potent aphrodisiac. It was especially prized by Inca warriors, who used to eat large amounts of it in preparation for battle. According to folklore however, they were later prohibited from taking it, in order to protect conquered women from the mens heightened libido.
Ashwagandha: Men and women use it to boost sexual desire. It has been considered in India for a long time as the most potent sex enhancement plant, especially Indian women have been using Ashwagandha for years to increase their sex drive. And men use it as a remedy to grow low sperm count and improve motility.
Rhodiola Rosea: A native of Siberia and Canada has been found to restore loss of menstrual cycles and increase fertility resulting from stress or minor hormone imbalances. In men, it is sometimes used to improve erectile dysfunction.
Schisandra: Sometimes called Indian Ginseng, tones the sexual organs of both men and women. For men, it increases the production of sexual fluids, improvements sexual stamina, and treats premature ejaculation and low sex drive. For women it reputedly increases circulation to the genitals as well as enhancing sensitivity.
Horny Goat Weed: An old Chinese story says that it were discovered when a Chinese goat herder noticed that goats increased sexual activity in his flock after consuming this weed. It certainly is a good story and one that could have been told by modern day marketing executive to a journalist, with the idea of ​​raising the profile of a product that he was hired to market!
Before rushing out to buy a pound of Horny Goat weed or any of the above herbs, you should be aware that herbs need to be used in moderation and even better, find a reputable company that formulates proven supplements containing some or all of the above herbs .

Do also remember that without a good healthy diet of organic food and regular daily exercise, aphrodisiac herbs alone will only help you achieve so much. Some of the plants mentioned above have been classified as “Adaptogens” because of other unique and amazing health giving and healing properties that they display, however this describes a future article devoted entirely to this subject.

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